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Let Blue Chip Digital Marketing Grow Your Business

What We Do

 You'll be working with a business professional who has done it before for his/her own separate business with proven results.

No Joe Blow's who have never had to market for a business before. 

We know how to do this

There’s no formula for success. No matter the company size, every company is unique and requires round-the-clock attention to deliver content that will connect them to their audience — that’s where we come in.

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Social Media Management

We all need a digital presence in todays world, think of it as your piece of real estate on the internet, and if you're not using up that real estate your competitors are, and you're missing out. It can be time consuming to constantly keep a presence with new content that generates business for you.  We can take care of that for you so you can focus on running your business.

Digital Advertising

Running ads can be a very difficult thing to figure out. Whether it's Google, Facebook, or Instagram. It's learning a whole new skill set, that takes time and focus. Algorithms are always changing.  Luckily we have the proven experience to get your ads running smooth and tailored to fit your needs, such as driving web traffic, and calls from your target audience.

Content Creation

We can provide all the content for your social media. Graphics, ad copy, you name it, we can do it. You can send us content you want featured and we can brand it for you. We also provide written content for blogs, newsletters, emails, and articles. We are a content factory there will never be a shortage of creative ways to promote your business.

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Public Relations

We want to make your business look good. We will handle your public image, media coverage, generate press releases, and create buzz around your business. We work with you behind the scenes to create a positive public presence. Short on ideas for good PR? We've got them! We know how to generate demand around your product or service and build up to an event or a new launch. We view your success as our success.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be lucrative for those who want to keep an audience engaged. Maybe you have offers to send out to your  audience that they may like? Boom email your list. Maybe you want to grow or start  a list?  It's a good way to keep track of customers, and we can help you provide value in your  emails to make sure instead of hitting that dreaded unsubscribe button they stay on your list, or even better buy your product!


Your brand is WHO you are. What is your story and what are you about? Make your logo and company colors stick in peoples mind to own your niche.
You can talk to someone who has built a  business like yourself and get a marketing strategy and a vision of what you want your branding to bring you. What are your marketing goals?  We will come together to figure out the best ways to move forward in your business to bring the best results.

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This can be YOU

You can have the #1 Spot on Google for paid regular Ads as we do here. As you can see  this is a local business so we also have the #2 spot in the Google Local section which always ranks highest above all, so this is huge if you are a local business. You will even get a Google Guarantee Badge by your name. With this much credibility your customers will be attracted to click on  you instead of someone else. So not only can we get you to the top as ANY business but if you are a local business we can even get you higher AND still the first position.  This is just one example of the results we can offer you.

About us

We were started by Steven Gallagher who built his first successful business at 24, a cleaning business in the Panhandle of Florida. He marketed every way possible including door knocking and handing out fliers, then he began working online using  soley Facebook and Google ads and saw his calls and clients go up so much he had to pause his ads just to keep up. He found that he actually enjoyed the digital marketing portion of his job so much that he created this company. 

Blue Chip Digital Marketing helps companies strategize and implement their creative visions. Our growing Digital Marketing Agency is driven by passionate thinkers who work closely with each brand to create strategies that produce unparalleled results. We love content and design, and specialize on promoting the information you need out there  to succeed in a digital world.

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