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Social Media Management

Social Media Management includes everything from Ideation, identification of appropriate partners, content creation, editing, posting, community management, direct message management, identifying trends, engaging with accounts in your network, and everything else that goes into creating a cohesive Social Media Strategy.

We curate timely social posts on your Digital Real Estate. We create the visual content and write the copy for you. We run it as if it was our own business. We want to generate revenue, strengthen your brand, and create a network of people that want associate with you! We give you a totally hands off experience so you can focus on your business. 

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Digital Advertising

Google ads will get you seen among the other paid ads that are prominently displayed  on google immediately when someone searches for a business like yours.  This is a great way to get customers before your website has enough organic traffic.  As soon as your ads are up you can control when to run them and when to pause them, and we look at googles own analytics and constantly optimize the ads to increase conversion. 

People are always scrolling Facebook and Instagram and together they are the biggest social media platforms in the world, you want to get people where they already are, scrolling on their phones! Facebook and Instagram ads are a very inexpensive and highly efficient way to advertise your business to your target audience.

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Content Creation

We create content that converts! Content is an art and a science. Knowing what appeals to your specific audience, we craft a winning strategy. We focus on reels as short form video performs the best and is being pushed heavily by the algorithms. As people's attention spans decrease they want to see your product or service in entertaining quick bites. They don't want to feel like they are being sold to. We create engaging video that people WANT to interact with, thereby making you a memorable brand in your niche. We also do written content for your blog, email, website, and everywhere else you need engaging written word to sell your product or service.

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There is so much that falls under "marketing" that needs to be done for a business. Fractional Marketing is an outsourced position which fulfills the role of a marketing executive for businesses without committing to the cost of a full-time, in-house role. Let us handle it! We can do everything from high level strategy to low level tasks. Want our opinion on your 30,000 foot view for the next 10 years of your business? Consult with us! Want us to simply put you on Google maps to increase your visibility? We can do that too! You can outsource your marketing needs to us without having to hire an employee, pay insurance, onboarding costs, employee taxes, and all the other hassles. We are a full service agency that works intimately with business owners to help their vision become reality

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Fractional Marketing Services

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Public Relations

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Let us design a sleek new website for you! Display your portfolio, sell your product, take payment, let people know about your brand!

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Website Design

We manage your relationship with the community and carefully craft a positive image. We handle media coverage, press releases, and generate buzz surrounding important events you may have coming up so there is pent up demand when it arrives! We want to make you look good and we will do everything in our power to make that happen! Your success is our success!

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Services: Work
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